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Israel's bad infrastructure is a recurring problem - it's time to fix it

This problem has to do with a lack of attention to detail and is part of the general attitude here with issues that don’t pertain to matters of security of “yihiye b’seder”, “it will be okay.”

Salt Harvest: Major infrastructure project launched at the Dead Sea

Many hotels and tourist attractions were built on these ponds' shores and utilize their production of salt for the local tourism industry.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water Resources

Comptroller: Better oversight needed on foreign investments in Israel

The comptroller expressed specific concern about cases in which “the companies controlling [national infrastructure] belong to factors with interests that do not align with Israeli interests.”

A man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him

Cyberattack meant to warn Iran against targeting Israeli infrastructure

The attack was a direct response to a cyberattack on Israeli water infrastructure, according to The New York Times.

Planned Armenian Patriarchate Project to renovate roads in Old City

Roads from Jaffa Gate to Western Wall to close at night for repairs

The Armenian Patriarchate Project is part of a number of infrastructure development projects being carried out by the municipality and the Israeli government throughout Jerusalem.

Planned extension of the Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem to speed up infrastructure work amid coronavirus lockdown

Work will be done on the light rail, Begin Highway and a number of other roads and projects around the city

Infrastructure? (Not) boring!

Infrastructure? You intend to anesthetize us helpless readers with 2,500 words on infrastructure?!

Monk parakeet

Non-native parrots causing substantial damage in Israel

While the birds cause large crop losses in their native areas, in Temperate Europe no comparable widespread and severe damage has been recorded.

Commuters’ lament

The report found that despite a 2017 government investment of NIS 4.8 billion in transportation subsidies, there were significant barriers to the development of bus services.

Israel's high-speed trains will race 100 mph along a network of eight bridges and six tunnels that c

Is a bridge forever?

There was a time when a new bridge was a big deal and often ended up being built by overseas contractors. Then came our highways and with them, bridges.

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