MDA to open mobile COVID-19 vaccination centers for hikers

Hikers and nature lovers visiting Shokeda forest this Saturday will be able to enjoy nature, and get vaccinated.

MDA Mobile unit  (photo credit: MDA SPOKESPERSON)
MDA Mobile unit
(photo credit: MDA SPOKESPERSON)
Hikers and families looking to enjoy the natural beauty of Shokeda forest near Netivot will be met with three MDA mobile units with COVID-19 vaccines ready at-hand, MDA announced on Friday. 
While Israel gained worldwide notice for its ability to secure vaccines for its population, nurses report a drop in the number of people seeking to benefit from them.
To fight this trend, the Health Ministry began operating its own social media unit to fight against harmful content of this sort. 
The MDA mobile units will work from 4 p.m. to midnight and offer the vaccines to anyone over the age of 16 as long as they are with their parents or legal guardians. 
"The organization responds to the request of the Ministry of Health and Home Front Command," MDA Director General Eli Bin said, calling the weekend effort a part of the national vaccination campaign.