Model Maria Domark suspected of having coronavirus while in Turkey

“I won’t fly again without using a surgical mask,” the model told Channel 12 news.

Model Maria Domrak   (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Model Maria Domrak
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Israeli model and singer Maria Domark felt sick during a photo-shoot in Turkey and was suspected of having coronavirus, Maariv reported on Tuesday. 
The production came to a halt and she was rushed to hospital where the doctors suspected she contracted the virus while on the flight to Turkey
“The doctor himself took a few steps away from me,” she said, “I became very nervous.” 
Most of the coronavirus related deaths took place in China and Thailand, yet health services all over the world are anxious to prevent the virus from spreading. 
The model flew back to Israel and the production was postponed to a later date.  
Born in Russia, Domark came to Israel as a child and is currently the fourth most popular Israeli woman on social media, the first being Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot
She became tabloid material when she broke up with a romantic partner to begin dating her current boyfriend, whom she met during a production of Big Brother. The public nature of the new relationship allegedly taking its first steps in front of the whole country watching the program led to backlash against her and her decision. 
Domark is not the first person to end one relationship and begin another while on camera, journalist Dana Spector met her current partner, Ran Sarig, during the shooting of the reality show Mehobarim [Connected].