'Mossad' gets Hezbollah media outlet suspended from Twitter

A Hezbollah-run media outlet was kicked off of Twitter for the glorification of violence after a popular Mossad parody account reported and publicized their tweets.

The Mossad parody twitter account (photo credit: TWITTER SCREENSHOT)
The Mossad parody twitter account
(photo credit: TWITTER SCREENSHOT)

A Hezbollah-run media outlet, Al-Ahed news, had their Twitter account suspended on Saturday after a popular Mossad-themed parody account reported and showcased the outlet's tweets supporting and glorifying terrorism.

On Friday "The Mossad: The Social Media Account," which has almost 200,000 followers on Twitter, documented and reported to Twitter that Al-Ahed news had tweeted that "Zionist media reports that an 'Israeli' settler has been critically injured after a heroic stabbing operation by a Palestinian lady in Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood," in reference to a Wednesday terrorist attack that left one mother injured.

"At first I didn't know it was a Hezbollah-owned account," the operator of the parody Mossad account told The Jerusalem Post. "I reported the original tweet because they called the stabbing of a mother dropping her kids off at school a 'heroic stabbing.'" 

While the fake Mossad didn't ask followers to report Al-Ahed's Twitter account, "the original tweet got enough exposure that I'm sure many reported it anyway," and was consequently was suspended on Saturday.

In response, Al-Ahed wrote that Twitter engaged in "a shameful alliance with the devil," and "pushed by the Zionist Mossad, took an unjust measure against one of the resistance media platforms."

The knife used in a stabbing terror attack in Jerusalem. December 8, 2021. (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)The knife used in a stabbing terror attack in Jerusalem. December 8, 2021. (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
The Hezbollah-affiliated outlet seemed unaware that the Mossad account was not the real Israeli intelligence agency.
 Al-Ahed doubled down on calling the terrorist attack a "heroic operation" and further chastised Twitter for "attempting to silence the voices of righteousness that are simply working to cover the truth as it is." It appealed to Twitter on grounds of Article 19 of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines the right of free speech and media freedom.
According to Twitter terms of service, "glorifying, praising, condoning, or celebrating," violence "committed by civilians that resulted in death or serious physical injury" and "attacks carried out by terrorist organizations or violent extremist groups" is a violation of terms. Additionally, one cannot "affiliate with and promote the illicit activities" of organizations and individuals that "target civilians in their acts and/or promotion of violence."
Since their suspension, Al-Ahed has opened a new account on Twitter.