Man indicted for hitting officer while assailing terrorist

Man, 46, charged with attacking policeman under aggravated circumstances.

Scene of stabbing attack in Netanya (photo credit: SHULY A)
Scene of stabbing attack in Netanya
(photo credit: SHULY A)
The Central District Attorney’s Office on Thursday filed an indictment with the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court against Robert Fedida for striking a policeman with a wooden board after the officer tried to stop him from attacking an already hand-cuffed terrorist.
Fedida, 46 from Netanya, was charged with attacking policeman Michael Pinhas under aggravated circumstances, an attack that caused real bodily harm, disturbing a policeman from performing his duties and related offenses.
On November 2, a terrorist tried to stab bystanders in Netanya, but he was apprehended, thrown to the ground and hand-cuffed by security forces, said the indictment.
Next, police acted to separate the attacker from the crowd.
However, Fedida allegedly grabbed a wooden board and tried many times to hit the subdued attacker.
The police at the scene tried to stop him, but he continued, including in the process, hitting Pinhas’s face, said the indictment.
Fedida, said the indictment, continued to cause a disturbance holding onto the wooden board and did not stop until police officers subdued him, having had to partially abandon their duties to focus on the terrorist.
The blow from Fedida allegedly caused Pinhas to bleed and made a 4.5-cm. long cut under his nose, requiring treatment at an emergency room.