Netanyahu calls support for flotillas 'rape of truth'

PM bashes those who express support for flotillas and boycotts, and calls on Jews to fight back.

Netanyahu calls support for flotillas 'rape of truth'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday spoke out against a flotilla which is set to sail towards Gaza within the next week.
Speaking at the Jewish Agency’s board of governors meeting in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu called supporting the flotilla "a travesty of justice" and questioned why supporters of the flotilla "aren't sending flotillas to Syria."
His comments came after Joint List MK Bassal Ghattas said Sunday that he intends on taking part in the flotilla, which seeks to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
"Israel is one of the only forces that is actually allowing reconstruction of Gaza," he said in the speech. 
Netanyahu also expressed concern over increased support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, stating that he "thoroughly rejects the idea that we should not make an issue of these boycotts."
Netanyahu finished his speech with calls to Israelis and Jews around the world to "stand up" against these movements.
"If you look at successful moments for succesful minorities and social movements, [they] were the ones who stood up. That's what we have to do. Be strong and of good courage ... fight back on Iran, fight back on anti-Semitism, stand up and be proud Jews."