Netanyahu to returning Nepal delegation: We may need to send you back

"I know that you are always prepared for the next mission wherever it may be and according to the news, that chance may be upon us," PM says.

Netanyahu's speech at the welcome ceremony for the IDF delegation to Nepal
Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu greeted the returning IDF Nepal delegation on Tuesday morning at Ben-Gurion Airport just after another strong earthquake shook the devastated Himalayan country.
Netanyahu spoke of the accomplishments of the delegation. "You helped 1,600 wounded people and brought new life with at least eight births. You have shown the true face of Israel- a country that values life."
The ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Moshe Ya'aon, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and Nepal's ambassador to Israel, Prahlad Kumar Prasai.
The Prime Minister suggested there may be a need for the delegation to return to Nepal in the coming days in the aftermath of the second earthquake that struck Nepal on Tuesday morning. 
"I am certain that you are already prepared for your next mission where ever that may be and according to the news, the next mission may already be upon us. I said to the ambassador from Nepal a few minutes ago that we are ready to help with all our capabilities even now," he said.  "The world is gradually learning they have someone to count on."
A strong earthquake shook Nepal on Tuesday, sending people in the capital Kathmandu rushing out on to the streets weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes last month.
The Foreign Ministry reported that there are no known Israeli injuries after speaking with the embassies in Dehli and Kathmandu.
Four people were reported dead on Tuesday in Chautara, Nepal, a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration said. An additional two people were killed in India, according to state officials.