Netta Barzilai or a unicorn? Google predicts Purim trends

Search engine results indicate plenty of Fortnite-inspired costumes this year. .

Netta Barzilai (photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
Netta Barzilai
(photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
What costume will you be donning for Purim this year? Wonder Woman? Captain Marvel? Or will you opt for a couple’s costume – perhaps Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, or Donald and Melania Trump?
One Israel-based PR firm is trying to predict the most popular costumes for Purim 2019/5779 based on Google search data. According to Scherf PR, the most googled costumes leading up to the holiday this year are those related to the video game Fortnite, the Netflix TV show Money Heist and the DJ Marshmello, known for his iconic marshmallow-esque helmet.
The fourth-most popular costume in Google searches in Hebrew was the Powerpuff Girls while fifth was Netta Barzilai, last year’s Israeli Eurovision winner.
And what about those looking to make costumes themselves? In a separate ranking of searches related to how-to costume instructions, unicorn came out on top. That was followed by a Rubik’s Cube, a candy dispenser, a globe and SpongeBob SquarePants. And the sixth-most searched for homemade costume is none other than a Torah scroll.
When it comes to those searching for makeup instructions, vampire was first, followed by lion, elephant, leopard and zombie.
Whatever the costumes this year, one thing is for sure: The streets of Israel will be particularly colorful next Thursday.