Zion Tech: Our Israeli start-up of the week aims to make air pollution visible

BreezoMeter is a big-data analytics platform that uses a unique algorithm to create real-time location-based maps of air-pollution levels down to a street-by-street level.

Breezometer Israeli start-up aims to make air pollution visible (photo credit: Courtesy)
Breezometer Israeli start-up aims to make air pollution visible
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The air we breathe is vital to determine the quality of our lives and could have a massive impact on our children's health. 
Air pollution is the silent killer and according to the World Health Organization seven million people die annually due to direct and indirect air pollution. 
Additionally, according to OECD data, in Israel 2500 people die each year due to air pollution.
Israeli environmental tech start-up BreezoMeter is here to map air quality levels and deliver a pollution reading.
The founder team of environmental and software engineers from Haifa include Ran Korber, CEO; Ziv Lautman, CMO; Emil Fisher, CTO; and Revital Hendler.
In Israel the app uses 300 air monitoring stations that show on a map air quality. The start-up hoped to expand to the US and Europe over the following year.
When BreezoMeter CEO Ran Korber wanted to buy a new house, air quality was one of the top issues impacted his decision. It lead him to the idea to collect the air pollution data, and build an app that would serve people with choosing where to live and spend time. 
Using data on pollution can help people breathe fresh air, reduce illness and help governments invest budgets in troubled areas to solve high air pollution problems.
Ziv Lautman CMO and co-founder said: "We want people to check air status like they check the weather and decide according to that. Society loses a lot of money from air pollution and the effect it has on hospitalization, lost work days and medicine."
The company received $200,000 seed investment from Jumpspeed VC.
The app works on Android and a version for Apple IOS will come out in the near future. 
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