Zion tech: Our Israeli start-up of the week eases fertility issues

Tempdrop created a device to help couples struggling with fertility.

Tempdrop helping couples to be impregnated

Zion Tech

Welcome to our new technology pick of the week. In Zion Tech we will highlight Israeli start-ups, applications and innovations. Israel is a rising center of technology with more than 4000 start-ups active in various areas of our life, from e-commerce to finance, health, mobile and more.
In the last decade more than 700 Israeli start-up companies sold for more then 40 billion dollars. Investors from all around the globe are coming to Israel to search for the next big thing.
Tracking Fertility
Having a new baby is one of nature's biggest gifts, however when things don't go according to plan, it can become very stressful.

Tempdrop, a new Israeli device, offers a solution for women looking to become pregnant, by constantly measuring their temperature  to track fertility.

The small device is placed under a woman's arm as she sleeps, taking her temperature through the night, and storing all the data.

The idea came to CEO Michael Vardi  when he and his wife were having trouble conceiving their second child. He searched for an app that will help them measure basal temperature and connect to various apps, but found nothing. So, Vardi began developing Tempdrop.

The device automatically syncs a woman's overnight basal temperature to a Smartphone or tablet. Tempdrop works with several fertility apps, and can transfer data to a different device if necessary.

"Temp-drop is the first  Smart sensor that makes fertility tracking simple, safe, accurate, and available for everyone" the company founders say on their webpage.
The company is committed to the user's safety.
"Although we use Low Energy Bluetooth for communicating with your smartphone, we think it is important that you feel comfortable wearing Temp-drop every night," the company states. "Therefore, we've made extra efforts to ensure that wireless transmission occurs only when you turn on the device before wearing it, and when you remove the device when you wake up."
The device is currently available for pre-order, but not yet on the market.

Price $69.99 USD

Zion Tech Grade 9.5/10