'Pita pocket' crime: Bakery owner suspected of tax evasion by U.S, Israel

Famous bakery owner suspected of international tax evasion to the tune of NIS tens of millions.

Pita bread (photo credit: GUILLAUME PAUMIER/WIKIPEDIA)
Pita bread
Walid Abulafia, owner of renowned bakery Abulafia, was arrested on Tuesday under suspicion of tax evasion to the tune of tens of millions of nis over several years, he was released on bail, Ynet reported.
Owned by non-Jews, the bakery acquired a cult status among Tel Avivians due to it's flexible opening hours.
The courts became involved in the matter due to a 2010 conflict among various members of the Abulafia family about assets under their control, the court at the time was presented with allegedly false information according to which assets were owned by off-shore companies which were, in fact, no longer functioning.
Israeli authorities sought further information about Abulafia's activities and were informed by the U.S. Tax Authority he allegedly earned USD 250,000 annually via an off-shore company he owns and was never reported.