Police chief addresses terror fears: Tel Aviv residents can calm down

Alsheich rejects criticism of police handling of investigation; a top police official confirms Nashat Milhem also main suspect in killing of taxi driver in northern Tel Aviv.

Police Chief Roni Alsheich: We can significantly lower the tension in Gush Dan
Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich on Tuesday attempted to ease the frayed nerves of residents in the metropolitan Tel Aviv area in the wake of Friday's shooting attack at a bar in Tel Aviv.
"As of this morning, the tension in Gush Dan can be significantly reduced," the police chief said in his first public statement on the incident.
Alsheich made the remarks while speaking to reporters in the northern town of Karmiel, after meeting with the bereaved family of shooting victim Alon Bakal.
As searches in pursuit of the perpetrator of Friday's attack continued into a fourth day Tuesday, the police chief highlighted that security officials were working to find the attacker.
"Our goal is to do it quickly," he stated in regard to joint police and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) operations to locate the gunman.
He vowed to update the public, but refrained from divulging further details of the investigation, saying the publication of such information could jeopardize security officials and their efforts.
However, a top police official confirmed that Nashat Milhem, the main suspect in the Dizengoff Street attack on Friday, is also believed to have killed taxi driver Ayman Shaaban, who was found murdered in northern Tel Aviv shortly after the bar shooting. A gag order remains in place on the details of the case.
The police chief vowed to update residents on any modified guidelines related to the situation.
"I applaud the public and its responsibility, and I will take care to update it with instructions," he said. "Maintaining routine and vigilance is part of our solidarity."