Hiker locates missing person four years after mysterious disappearance

After passing the remains on for further medical analysis, they were identified as those of a man by the name of Yaakov Diskind.

Police activity in the cave at Lifta in Jerusalem, January 28, 2021. (Credit: Police Spokesperson's Unit)
A hiker traversing the western grounds of Jerusalem's Lifta on Thursday discovered the remains of a human skeleton hidden in a narrow cave, which was identified as a missing person who had disappeared four years ago. 
She alerted the police, who arrived on the scene to investigate.
After passing the remains on for further medical analysis, they were identified as those of 32-year-old Yaakov Diskind. 
On September 11, 2017, Israel Police received a report of a missing person. Diskind had left his Jerusalem apartment and made a phone call using a stranger's phone. That is when any record of his activity stops. 
Police organized a massive search and rescue effort with the help of volunteers and civilians. However, all search attempts were unsuccessful.
Ynet published a report back in March on Diskind telling of a man who lived in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, born into a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) family with 11 siblings.
Two-and-a-half years prior to his disappearance, Diskind fell ill. The day of his disappearance, he told his sister – whom he was quite close with – that he had a referral for a hospital appointment, to run some tests, according to Ynet. He was afraid to go.
Diskind ended up at Lifta, on a solitary walk. Only a few hours prior to his disappearance, he made the last phone call that records his activity from a stranger's phone to his sister, asking her not to look for him, the report tells.
The search commenced, and the Diskind family was fairly certain that whatever Yaakov was sick with was what caused him to fall to his death, according to the report.