Kahlon to PM: Fix problems in coalition

Calls Oren "the next foreign minister"

Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon called on Thursday on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring about order inside his Likud party, speaking at a Kulanu party rally in Airport City that marked one year since the election.
Kahlon referred to Likud MKs David Amsalem and Avraham Neguise, who have been absenting themselves from every vote in the Knesset plenum, protesting the lack of implementation of a cabinet decision to bring Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.
“We have serious problems in the coalition,” Kahlon said. “We haven’t been bringing key government legislation to votes for two months because there are two Likud MKs who haven’t been voting.”
Kahlon boasted that Kulanu is “the most disciplined party in the coalition.”
He responded to reports that he would remove his party from the coalition if Netanyahu does not expand it.
“We don’t want to leave the coalition,” he said. “The problems with the others must be fixed. The problems are with them, not with us.”
Kahlon downplayed his dispute with Netanyahu about whether a two-year state budget should be passed, saying “We have to pass a budget. One year, two year, doesn’t matter.”
He said Kulanu would remain independent and not run together with the Likud or another party.
“Kulanu is building its foundations throughout the country,” Kahlon told the crowd of several hundred people. “We are all here because of you. I know we disappeared from the field, but we were busy working for our parents, children and grandchildren, for the people of Israel.”
Kahlon said the party had passed 55 bills on a myriad of socioeconomic issues.
“We did what in one year should have taken six years,” he said. “We invested our time so we would be able to tell you, our constituency, that we completed the mission that you gave us.”
Kahlon called Kulanu MK Michael Oren, a former ambassador to the US, “the next foreign minister, with God’s help.”