Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon [L] and Prime Minister Netanyahu at the announcement of the new Govern

Kahlon breaks promises, agrees to run with Likud

Kahlon faced criticism for the move from Blue and White, which sent 40 protesters to his home in Haifa.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu laments ‘impossible’ coalition talks

PM plans to promote immunity law for elected officials, opposition MKs call Knesset meeting to speak out against it.

Likud-Kulanu merger looking less likely

Netanyahu is interested in a merger between his Likud and Kahlon’s Kulanu parties.


Conclusion: Cannibalism counterproductive - Analysis

The lesson that can be learned from the election is the one that none of the active politicians wanted to hear: Next time, listen to Ehud Barak.

Moshe Kahlon at a weekly cabinet meeting, December 23rd, 2018

Kahlon pleads with voters to let him keep his job

Kahlon said Kulanu helped young families by subsidizing a longer school day, nursery school education and special saving funds for each child.


Fake Facebook, Twitter accounts ‘announce’ Gesher is dropping out

“Gesher is getting stronger, so they’re spreading lies against us,” Gesher’s Facebook page said in a post responding to the incidents. “Our answer in the ballot box will be overwhelming.”


Kulanu MK Roy Folkman speaks to 'Post' on Election Day - watch

The Kulanu party has been hovering on the threshold in numerous polls over the last month.

Orly Levy-Abecassis at The Jerusalem Post elections conference, April 3rd, 2019

Kulanu, Yisrael Beytenu and Gesher fight for their lives

Gesher leader Orly Levy-Abecassis even had to fight a fake Facebook post in her name saying she dropped out of the race.


Levy-Abekasis: 'Read my lips: I’m not quitting'

The public is "fed up" of repetitive arguments, while "5,000 people die every year in hospitals from infections and that interests no one,” Levy-Abekasis said.

Naftali Bennett

Israeli politicians to EU: Shame on you for opposing Golan sovereignty

“The Golan heights and Jerusalem and the Land of Israel has been the home of the Jewish people thousands of years," Education Minister Naftali Bennett said.

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