MK Michaeli calls for Labor Party members not to enter government

"Amir Peretz shaved his mustache and said "read my lips, I will not sit with Netanyahu." We still believe Amir, I still believe Amir," Michaeli said of the Labor leader's promise before the elections

MK Merav Michaeli. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
MK Merav Michaeli.
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
MK Merav Michaeli of the Labor Party held a digital conference on Sunday afternoon using Zoom entitled "The Labor Party Does Not Enter the Accused Government of Netanyahu!"
During the conference, she called on her fellow Labor Party MKs not to join a government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Michaeli said during the conference that, "the health situation is a real emergency, but the more dangerous situation is the state of our democracy. We are in a situation where the government and the Knesset itself are violating High Court orders.
"We are the only state whose secret service monitors its citizens, and we are the only state to deal with the coronavirus by completely disabling the courts. This is the greatest danger for us, and we must not lend it a hand," she said.
"We have a tremendous opportunity to rebuild the alternative [to Netanyahu]. This is our opportunity to bring this party back to being the one that rebuilds this country after the Netanyahu era," Michaeli added.
She reminded Labor Party leader Amir Peretz of his promise during the election, not to sit in a government led by Netanyahu, saying "Amir Peretz shaved his mustache and said 'read my shaven lips, I will not sit with Netanyahu.' We still believe Amir; I still believe Amir and I call on him here: 'we must not lend a hand to the destruction of the democratic State of Israel, because we will not have another state."