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Peretz targets industrial parks to integrate Bedouins into workforce

According to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate among Bedouin women residing in the Negev is only 25%.

Labor votes by landslide to join government

Lapid: Yesh Atid will never again make a bond it won't lead

Labor Party leader Peretz secretly signs coalition agreement

The agreement calls for Peretz to become economy minister and Labor MK Itzik Shmuli to become welfare minister.

Panel in Labor approves joining government

Labor set to battle over coalition

Three Moroccan Jews, some related to MK Amir Peretz, die of coronavirus

Simone Peretz was in critical condition prior to her death and did not know that her son also was ill when she passed away, Amir Peretz wrote.

Merav Michaeli.
MK Michaeli calls for Labor Party members not to enter government

"Amir Peretz shaved his mustache and said "read my lips, I will not sit with Netanyahu." We still believe Amir, I still believe Amir," Michaeli said of the Labor leader's promise before the elections

Labor, Gesher consider joining Gantz in Netanyahu-led government

The expression of interest from both party leaders comes amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic facing the country, and following the split between the Israel Resilience party and Blue and White.

Blue and White in push to get Rivlin's backing

But Gantz and Peretz issued a joint statement about continuing their partnership.

Liberman: Netanyahu told Jordan he wouldn't annex Jordan Valley

The Likud Party responded by calling Liberman's statement "a complete lie."

Labor leader: Minority government on the way

Peretz said he would take on the role of mediator to build such a government and then to expand it by bringing in other parties.

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