Naftali Bennett addresses 'Iranian threat' in new video

"While we fight ISIS, the real danger is growing," Bennett said.

MK Naftali Bennett discusses the Iran threat (Courtesy)
Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett released a video Thursday detailing the danger that Iran poses to Israel, the Middle East and the rest of the world.
Speaking in English, Bennett urged viewers to take notice of the Iranian threat.
"Sometimes there are big things that happen to the world that we don't really notice them (sic) until it's almost too late." The minister used global warming as a prime example of this.
He went on to say that another problem that is currently going unnoticed is that the "radical Islamic Republic of Iran is becoming a global superpower."
Bennett said that becoming a superpower is Iran's "one goal."
The minister addressed why the Iranian regime should not become a superpower for three reasons.
Bennett first listed how how Iran violates human rights including those of its own citizens: executing LGBT people, restricting the rights of women, and arresting journalists and other members of the media. He also called Iran "a leading source of antisemitism."
He then went on to address how Iran is "a major supporter of terror and murders innocent people around the world." From Argentina to Yemen, Iran has had a hand in terror attacks, Bennett stated.
The minister also addressed the Hezbollah threat, calling the terror group an "Iranian military force based in Lebanon."
Bennett's third and final point regarded Iran's military escalation. "Iran is growing in military strength and breaking international treaties to do so," he said.
Discussing the nuclear deal, Bennett suggested that Iran was violating the tenets of that deal by continuing to develop a weapons program and testing long-range missiles.
Bennett further warned of a "Shi'ite corridor" that Iran was trying to establish from Tehran to the Mediterranean coast.
Referring to the corridor as an "Iranian dream," Bennett said it would be used to transfer weapons and extremism and bring Europe into "striking range."
"While we fight ISIS, the real danger is growing," Bennett concluded. "For our children's sake, we have to get together and stop Iran before it's too late."