iran nuclear threat

FOREIGN MINISTERS Sergei Lavrov of Russia (center) Mevlut Cavusoglu of Turkey (right) and Mohammad Z

Iran seeking nuclear help from Russia in exchange for weapons -CNN

Weapons trade between Russia and Iran has expanded significantly in the last several months, worrying members of the global community.

Israel's dream team: PM Netanyahu, DM Gantz, FM Lapid - opinion

If Israel wants the world to confront Iran, then Israel should show that it prioritizes this kind of national security threat over politics, the writer says.


US negotiator slams door on Iran nuke negotiations - analysis

Unless Khamenei is ready to reverse himself on allowing aspects of the IAEA probes remain open, there is no telling how long the freeze could go on for.

What makes a nuclear weapon a 'tactical nuke'? - explainer

Nuclear warfare does not have a singular definition of weapons, though tactical nuclear weapons have important characteristics worth noting.


Is it time for a new approach to deal with the Iranian threat? -opinion

The Begin Doctrine has since served as the guiding Israeli principle dictating the use of “all means necessary” to prevent its enemies from acquiring nuclear weapons.

By Gil Murciano

Is the Iran deal dead? Raisi's speech outlines Iran's stances

Raisi warned that his country can manage without an agreement: “We have managed to neutralize the [American] sanctions in many cases."

Lapid, Erdogan to meet at UN in first in Israel-Turkey relations since 2008

Lapid’s speech to the UN is expected to focus on the Iran nuclear threat and Israel’s opposition to the proposed return to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran is a real threat and should not be underestimated - editorial

Iran is a serious threat to the Jewish state, it should not be kicked around like a political football and become a divisive campaign issue ahead of the November 1 election.

Iran possible nuclear blackmail is a menace - analysis

Brett McGurk, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, said that reaching a deal with Tehran was now “highly unlikely.”

Israel, US to declare ‘strategic partnership’ during Biden visit

The agreement includes a joint stance against Iran’s nuclear program and regional aggression to ensure Iran never attains a nuclear weapon.

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