Pence, Netanyahu have a meatless Monday dinner

Celebrity chef Moshe Segev designs an innovative menu for the esteemed guests.

Chef Moshe Segev (photo credit: ANATOLY MICHAELO)
Chef Moshe Segev
(photo credit: ANATOLY MICHAELO)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Vice President Mike Pence and their wives, Sara and Karen, enjoyed a light, dairy dinner at the Prime Minister's Residence on Monday night.
Celebrity chef Moshe Segev, who has also cooked for US President Donald Trump and many other visiting world leaders, prepared an innovative three-course meal for the four diners. And there was no meat in sight.
The foursome started off with warm bread and a beet and truffle butter, plus white corn polenta with kale and parmesan. The main course was salmon in a champagne, chive and sage sauce with a side of pelmeni, which are little dumplings. But the star of the evening was likely dessert: a warm chocolate truffle cake plus hazelnuts, fresh strawberries and a cocoa crumble, and white chocolate pralines, lemon mascarpone and blueberries.
The diners also had a choice of two wines - red and white - from the Psagot winery which is based in the West Bank.