Want to eat healthy and save the planet? Replace beef with spirulina algae

For every kilogram of beef meat replaced with a kilogram of Spirulina, one can save nearly 100 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions, 340 square meters of land and 1,400 liters of water.

Burger King at Dizengoff Center will go vegan for a month

The branch has been seeing lines around the block for the Veggie Whopper and other meat-free alternatives at offered by the burger chain in Israel. 

Veggie whoppers and nuggets coming exclusively to Israeli Burger Kings

The global fast food giant has partnered with Meat.The End in order to manifest menu items that satiate tummies with much less negative climate impact.

Casa Lavi: Hippie, healthy vegetarian food, great coffee in Jerusalem - review

It’s not completely vegan since they do use eggs in the desserts but there is no white flour or cane sugar and the kitchen is parve. The dishes can also be made gluten-free.


Can Israel’s marine agriculture feed the world’s future?

Reps. from 25 countries and a bevy of Israeli marine agriculture start-ups gathered to highlight innovative solutions to traditional agriculture’s shortcomings in the face of climate change.

Vegetarian hamburgers: A new healthy use for tobacco

This landmark botanical development could significantly reduce the cost of cultured meat and help rapidly advance its commercialization.

Zebu cattle are seen in a farm in Paulinia, Brazil July 1, 2017

Restore and transform - The ancient Jewish New Year for Animals

By reinforcing a compassionate side of Judaism, the New Year for Animals would improve Judaism’s image for people concerned about vegetarianism and veganism, animals, and the environment.


Tnuva to establish R&D center dedicated to alternative protein

More and more Israelis are moving away from animal-based protein sources, and Tnuva aims to "to lead the field while facilitating the products’ accessibility to the wider public."

Is your child vegetarian? Here is everything you need to know

Children who want to give up animal products need to be carefully monitored. New research shows that such a diet may lead to being underweight.

By Walla!

Early Anglo-Saxon kings mostly vegetarian, but occasional blow-out BBQs

The study indicates that while generally eating a seasonal plant-based diet, the elites were treated to occasional lavish feasts of grilled meats at communal gatherings by free peasants.

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