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What are good vegetarian dishes to have on Shabbat? - opinion

The Bible’s original intention was for humans to eat vegetables, whichever day of the week it was (Genesis 1:29).

McDonald's to introduce plant-based food options to menu in 2021

While the McPlant line has been announced, McDonald's refuses to do the same with regard to its plant-based foods supplier - although many indications hint that it will be Beyond Meat.

Asia turns towards plant protein as coronavirus stirs meat safety fears

"After the coronavirus, Chinese people have more consciousness not to eat wild animals and eat the right sources of protein."

A HEARTY vegan meal at the Gad guest house.

Tel Aviv to host world's largest vegan food festival

Local restaurants get creative and tasty with menu items featuring no meat, dairy, eggs or fish.

PASCALE'S KITCHEN: Easy vegetable dishes

So, if you had a sous-chef that would prep all the vegetables ahead of time for you, would you still not prepare easy, tasty vegetable dishes?

Pascale’s Kitchen: Independence Day for vegetarians

These are dishes that everyone in the family will love and will add lots of flavor and spice to your Independence Day activities.

Parashat Tzav: Do not eat life!

One does not need to be a vegetarian to be able to identify with the basic principle that shedding blood is not a decent moral virtue.


Israeli researchers: Be a vegetarian, save the world

They call this type of waste “opportunity food loss,” a term inspired by the “opportunity cost” concept in economics that refers to the cost of choosing a particular alternative over better options.

Chef Moshe Segev

Pence, Netanyahu have a meatless Monday dinner

Celebrity chef Moshe Segev designs an innovative menu for the esteemed guests.

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