Zionist Union kick off week-long protest of living costs

"The government failed to deal with the living costs."

 (photo credit: ELAD GUTMAN)
(photo credit: ELAD GUTMAN)
250 meters above-ground, large captions were projected onto the factory chimneys in Hadera on Saturday evening, protesting the price of electricity and reading, "Avi Gabbay was right! When gas is expensive, electricity is expensive."
This is the first act of protest in a new campaign by the Zionist Union that begins this coming week regarding living costs and the rise in electricity prices titled "Avi Gabbay was right."
"The government failed to deal with the living costs," said Alon Visser, manager of the Labor Party's field headquarters. "This is an absolute governmental failure to fight the living costs."
According to Visser, Gabbay was the "only minister who fought against the gas pipeline," referring to Israel's plan with Greece and Cyprus to sign an agreement next year for the world's longest natural gas pipeline.
"He is the only person who can fight the living costs," Visser continued. "Gabbay was the first to recognize the economic price the public pays."
Vissery explained that there is a way to change the current situation. "In the coming weeks, we are planning on focusing on the failures of the government in all things related to the living costs and presenting the clear connection between the gas pipeline and the electricity prices, as well as the flight of the government from the failure of price increases, of course."