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Netanyahu videos mock recommendations to indict him, depict AG as weak

"The Left is pressuring the attorney-general," the video says in a new slogan that rhymes in Hebrew.

DIVORCE: AVI Gabbay ends his partnership with Tzipi Livni in the Zionist Union on January 1

Center Field: A Zionist agenda for Israel’s 2019 elections

Avi Gabbay illustrated why punishments should fit their crime – his treatment of Tzipi Livni was so vindictive, he made her look sympathetic while he seemed mean.

Labor leader Avi Gabbay and Labor Knesset candidate Henrique Cymerman meet with Pope Francis

Labor head Avi Gabbay traveled to UAE, other Arab countries

Knesset members from the now-defunct Zionist Union faction upset that Gabbay lied to them about his travels, told them he was sick

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This week in 60 seconds

Got a minute? Here's the week in review.

Labor Party Chair Avi Gabbay

Zionist Union officially splits in two

This Knesset approved the Zionist Union's request to divide. After the move, the Labor party will have 18 MKs and Hatenua 6.

Gabbay shocks Livni on live TV, kicks her out of Zionist Union

Hatnua leader hits back, calls Labor head a chauvinist.

Bennett and Netanyahu shake hands in Knesset

It's the personality, stupid: Parties to focus on big names, not ideology

Unsurprisingly in an era of personality politics, political platforms and ideology are not the major problem for any of the parties.

Itzik Shmuli

After the Flood: Knesset fights excess of water companies

New law bill aims to reduce the number of operating water companies.

Industrial chimneys in Hadera read, "Avi Gabbay was right!"

Zionist Union kick off week-long protest of living costs

"The government failed to deal with the living costs."

Israeli 'Yellow Vests' swarm Knesset: Cost of living out of control

"If the price of electricity goes up one shekel, we will plan protests the likes of which haven’t been seen in the State of Israel"

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