Rabotai rock Hanukkah with a modern take on Maoz Tzur

The Hanukkah classic Maoz Tzur has been spliced with Pharrel William's 'Happy' to create an energetic fusion of old and new.

A Cappella group 'Rabotai' (photo credit: SUPPLIED)
A Cappella group 'Rabotai'
(photo credit: SUPPLIED)
A Jewish acappella group have released their latest video - celebrating the joys of Hanukkah.
Rabotai, which means 'gentlemen' in Hebrew, harnesses the talents of Daniel Brill, Betzalel Silver, Noah Bar-Shain, Brian Hoffman, Ariav Schlesinger, Elad Hasidim to create a fresh new sound.
Their latest song, a Hanukkah medley, combines sections from 'Sing' by Pentatonix, 'Happy' by Pharrel Williams, and the Hanukkah classic 'Maoz Tzur' to produce a Jewish twist on uplifting pop music.
Hailing from across the world, Rabotai came together in Israel where they developed their unique style, which combines beatboxing, Jewish classics and modern pop.
"Uplifting, harmonious singing is our passion, and bringing happiness is our mission," the guys have said.
So far they have been true to their world, entertaining audiences both within Israel and beyond.