Recently arrested Rabbi Berland accused of death of daughter

After the arrest, Nurit Ben Moshe was interviewed by Army Radio: "I hope he will pay for his actions. I knew I was dealing with the underworld, I hope my daughter will be the last victim.

Rabbi Berland Arrest (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Rabbi Berland Arrest
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
After the arrest of Rabbi Eliezer Berland during a police raid of his home for suspicion for fraudulent receipt and tax offenses, Nurit Ben Moshe accused Rabbi Berland of refusing her daughter to have preventative cancer care which ultimately caused her daughter's death.
"He refused her preventative care, I fought for it and told him that if he doesn't allow her treatments I will go to the media. I feel like I am treading water. It cost my daughter a million shekels. He [Rabbi Berland] told her, 'You can't recieve treatment.' Once when she was after a surgery and considered getting more treatment, she came to me and said, 'I don't have cancer, the rabbi said I don't have cancer and that the doctors did surgery for no reason. Rabbi Berland told me [the daughter], 'you're healthy and have nothing wrong with you.' After she gave him a deposit of 700 thousand shekels, he came to me and asked for more. He  told her once, 'I am a guarantor for your life, I'll accompany you to the age of 120. You're healthy and there's nothing wrong with you.'" The mother said.
My daughter got to the point that she was a ticking bomb, she was supposed to do her first treatment a month after her surgery. After six months the doctors told her that she's a ticking bomb. I went to his [Rav Berland's] assistant and asked that he request from the rabbi to allow my daughter to have check ups. The assistant replied to me, 'you know that cancer is a mental problem.' In the end the rabbi's wife called my daughter and told her that the rabbi wants to see me. The rabbi said in the phone call, 'I see that your mother is worried, go get yourself checked up, and show her that nothing is wrong.'
When Ben Moshe was asked about her thoughts on the arrest of Rabbi Berland, she answered, 'the first thing is that I hope my daughter will be the last victim, the second thing is that I hope he'll pay for what he's done. It's unacceptable that a murderer should walk around freely, including all of his followers."