Shocking 'Fresh, Fresh' commercial promotes vegan diet in Israel

Five percent of Israelis say they are vegan in surveys, with 1 out of 18 soldiers declaring themselves vegan, according to a 2018 Army Radio report.

Seasonal vegan gourmet (photo credit: Courtesy)
Seasonal vegan gourmet
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An attractive couple go to the butcher section of a supermarket and ask for lamb that is “fresh, fresh” – and are shocked when the smiling butcher hands them a live lamb.
That’s what happens in a new commercial aimed at promoting veganism in Israel. It was the last ad aired before the finale of the latest season of Survivor Israel was broadcast on Sunday night.
It was produced by the Israeli organization Vegan Friendly, which promotes veganism and animal rights. And it comes just a week after the international cooking site Chef’s Pencil named Israel third on its list of top countries for vegans, behind the UK and Australia.
The site speculated that the traditional Israeli Mediterranean diet, which is high in olive oil and low in red meat, and the kosher dietary laws which separate food into meat, dairy and parve (neutral) categories, may contribute to Israelis’ openness to vegan eating.
Five percent of Israelis said they were vegan in surveys, with one out of 18 soldiers declaring themselves vegan, according to a 2018 Army Radio report.
In the commercial, the couple buys fresh produce, but when the man takes a frozen piece of lamb out of the supermarket’s freezer section and tries to put it into their cart, the woman stops him, saying she wants lamb that is “fresh, fresh.” So they head to the butcher, who gives them the cute, live lamb. “Do you want it cut up or wrapped?” the butcher asks, as the woman cradles the lamb, looking distressed.
A narrator says, “You’re not really surprised. More than a million Israelis have made the connection and stopped eating animals.” She then tells people that information on how to begin to eat a vegan and vegetarian diet can be found if you search for “Making the connection” in Hebrew on Google.
The Vegan Friendly organization is known for giving its stickers to businesses such as restaurants that offer vegan fare. Its website gives a full list of such businesses and features links to documentaries about becoming a vegan.