Hundreds of kilograms of inedible, illegal meat confiscated in Jerusalem

A large-scale raid on several butcher shops in Jerusalem led to the confiscation of hundreds of kilos of meat, much of which had been smuggled into Israel illegally.

Bella and Charlie: For a relaxed evening with good food - review

Bella and Charlie (origin of name a closely guarded secret) is a large kosher meat restaurant situated in Moshav Tnuvot, with a covered patio.

Catholic Church can curb carbon emissions by returning to meat-free Fridays, study suggests

The practice dates back to the first century CE, when Pope Nicholas I declared that Catholics were required to abstain from eating meat on Fridays in memory of the death and crucifixion of Christ.

Burger King at Dizengoff Center will go vegan for a month

The branch has been seeing lines around the block for the Veggie Whopper and other meat-free alternatives at offered by the burger chain in Israel. 

SavorEat’s robot chefs will serve plant-based meat to the nation’s keyboard warriors

The food-tech company’s latest exploit involves a collaboration with caterer Yaron-Sella, 3D-printing technology and some tasty burgers.

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv refuse to commit to lower use of animal products, says NGO

Israel is the fourth largest per capita consumer of beef in the world, consuming 19.6 kg of meat per capita per year.


Vegetarian hamburgers: A new healthy use for tobacco

This landmark botanical development could significantly reduce the cost of cultured meat and help rapidly advance its commercialization.

Climate change is a real danger. Israeli tech could help - editorial

Israel needs to raise its awareness and do whatever it can to stem the tide of climate change and global warming.

Future Meat Technologies produces its first lab-grown lamb

Cultivated meat is potentially a good way to produce meat sustainably as it frees up many resources required to raise cattle.

Yoel’s Meat Smokehouse: Worth the drive from Jerusalem - review

The trick with the salads and the freshly baked bread that came with it is to restrain yourself, or you’ll be too full for the meat – and believe me, that is a mistake you don’t want to make!

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