Skincare solutions and more: The products you need to try this fall

This week look for a lipstick that will not leave marks, find the right serum for the season, choose a fashionable item for your home and maybe raise a glass of Chablis with friends.

 Alex Lipkin (photo credit: Courtesy)
Alex Lipkin
(photo credit: Courtesy)

The holidays are behind us, and together with the first raindrops on my window came a host of new products knocking on my door. This week look for a lipstick that will not leave marks, find the right serum for the season, choose a fashionable item for your home and maybe raise a glass of Chablis with friends.

The lipstick that won’t stain the face mask

Long-wear lipsticks are excellent when using a face mask since the super-stay lipstick hardly stains the mask. Maybelline New York added a new collection to its popular Super-Stay line. Called Zodiac, there are 12 new shades in the new limited edition collection offering six liquid matte super-stay ink lipstick and six super-stay matte ink crayons. I love the liquid ink, which is easily applied and stays fresh for hours. I like to use softer pinkish shades if I am going to wear it all day. The crayon I feel is best when you need a very precise makeup for the evening and then why not go all the way and enjoy a really rich red like their Aries shade. NIS 40-NIS 42, or get three for NIS 99. 

 Maybelline (credit: Courtesy) Maybelline (credit: Courtesy)

A tip from the doctor

A leader in the world of medical cosmetics in Israel, dermatology specialist Dr. Lehavit Akerman, who specializes in advanced beauty procedures, extended her own line of beauty products, adding a powerful Lifting Serum, for the prevention of fine lines, firming and instant lift. Lifting serum contains hyaluronic acid, amino acids and peptides, as well as dunaliella and other antioxidants for the protection against free radicals. Use twice a day. NIS 450, now available for NIS 350.

 Tal Terry (credit: Courtesy) Tal Terry (credit: Courtesy)

To use after exposure to the sun

With summer almost over, now is the time to try and treat skin damage that was caused by the sun and heat. Freckles, pigmentation, burns and increased aging are all caused by too much sun and in Israel, even if you try, it is very hard to avoid it all the time. Lierac Paris offers a kit that focuses on treating sun damage, containing four leading products: Oxygen-enriched freshening spray, which is good for everyone; active, hydrating gel cream for matte finish; body-hydrating lotion with hyaluronic acid that instantly hydrates and smooths the skin (excellent); and double-action cleansing gel with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid that cleanses skin, removes makeup and smooths the skin all in one action. NIS 199 for the kit.

Available in licensed beauty centers and online at

 Assaf Levy (credit: Courtesy) Assaf Levy (credit: Courtesy)

A super serum

Kiehl’s introduced the new Vital strengthening super serum with hyaluronic acid – another winner – helping skin cells fight aging signs that are the result of too much stress. If you have been under stress (and between us, who hasn’t?), try it. It feels great and results are noticeable after only four weeks. Use it twice daily. NIS 239 for 30 ml.

Available in the brand’s stores. 

The essential barrier

Local cosmetic guru Hava Zingboim introduced her new line of serums – the New essentials – four serums designed to specifically fight the challenges of modern life. The four serums in the collection offer skin-essential ingredients such as probiotics, vitamin D and protection from radiation and pollution. There are four different serums, and the brand’s specialists will advise which one is right for you, be it one with hyaluronic acid, one for the protection of our skin shield, in tense barrier serum or night serum. 

Call or go to one of her licensed

While you were sleeping

Vichy extended its mature skin collection, launching Liftactiv Collagen Specialist Night to help treat aging signs due to collagen loss; reduce the visibility of the lines; and give skin a radiant, even look. Loss of collagen is one of the known signs of aging skin, but loss of collagen can also occur due to overexposure to sun radiation, pollution and stress. At night while the skin does not need to protect us from all of those, the healing processes take place in the cells and therefore it is vital to help the natural process by using the right night cream. Liftactiv Collagen Specialist Night contains in its breakthrough formula ingredients such as resveratrol, vitamin and other ingredients. For women 35+. NIS 239 

 Vichy (credit: Courtesy) Vichy (credit: Courtesy)

Before going out

Another clever product that can be used instead of three different ones is the Fre Glow Me sun screen (SPF 30), hydrating cream and makeup base, sold only online at Terminal X. The cream is very light and suits women who are very active. The formula contains 100% clean ingredients, sun screen and no artificial scents. Added argan oil creates another protective layer adding hydration to the skin. The tube, by the way, is made from recyclable sugar cane. NIS 96.85 

Only at

 Fre (credit: Courtesy) Fre (credit: Courtesy)

For perfect hair

Have no patience for applying hair conditioner and mask when shampooing? Elvive by L’Oreal Paris has just launched a product that is not only and excellent shampoo, but also nourishes the hair like a mask, leaving it softer, easier to style and stronger. There are three different shampoos in the More Than Shampoo line including Extraordinary Oil for deep nourishing of dry hair, Dream Long that provides intensive treatment to damaged long hair and Color Perfect for dyed hair. I found that when traveling it is perfect since I only need to pack one product instead of three. NIS 9.90 for 200 ml.

 Loreal Elvive (credit: Courtesy) Loreal Elvive (credit: Courtesy)

It smells good

Pinuk is a very popular shampoo brand, especially thanks to its scents, that are preferred by many Israelis. Now Badin, local leading fabric softener brans joined forces with Pinuk, offering Israelis the chance to bring the favorite fragrances to their laundry. There are two scents in the new line: coconut – classic Pinuk softener and coconut Pinuk softener, as well as Pinuk washing gel and spray scent for the dryer. I love using them because it leaves a very nice smell throughout the house.

The house of fashion

Have you watched the TV ads? Castro has opened a new chain of houseware stores and I had to go see what they are offering. The beautifully designed stores offer anything and everything, from cutlery to beddings and in between. The collections are divided according to color and design, offering four themes, that according to Castro designers reflect also the brand’s fashion themes of this season. The stores, which will operate as “shop-in-shop” in the Castro mega stores also try to adhere to the same brand values such as quality, fashion and style, comfort, urban and eco consciousness. The four these are Pure, mainly white; Friends of Nature, offering earth tones and natural materials; Fashion Basic, colorful prints; and Blue Vibes – the world of jeans, the theme most connected to Castro. Prices range from NIS 6.90 to NIS 899. 

Hip wet-wipes

Animal prints are back and one can see them everywhere – from clothes to bags, shoes and eyeglasses to even paper goods, housewares and more. Now you can also wipe your child’s bottom with Huggies animal-print wet wipes. Besides the cool look they add to your diaper bag, the new wet wipes have a special formula with added almond oil and no perfume; they are safe to use in babies and contain purified water. The special edition is sold in a family pack of four (256 wet wipes).

 Huggies (credit: Courtesy) Huggies (credit: Courtesy)

Fried in olive oil

With the holidays’ endless meals behind us, we decided to cut down on comfort food but movie night in our home calls for crisps so we were very happy to discover the new Free root-vegetables crisps and the Free salty banana chips – both very tasty and made with olive oil and no preservatives. Gluten free, kosher Badatz and vegan. The 90-gram family bags are our new favorite. NIS 14.90Available in supermarkets.

 Free (credit: Courtesy) Free (credit: Courtesy)

Chips anyone?

Milotal launched new frozen chips ready to bake or fry, but unlike previous such products, there are six new products in the line including classic 800-gram chips for frying and baking, classic 1,500-gram chips, family-pack zigzag-shaped chips, small cubes for baking and frying, home-fry wedges with the skin, Thin American style chips, and another kind of wedges to serve with steak and hamburger. The quality is very good. 

Available in supermarkets.

 Milotal (credit: Courtesy) Milotal (credit: Courtesy)

White as in fresh

After drinking great local wines during the New Year celebrations, we opted for one of my favorites: Chablis Gendraud Patrice from France. It is fresh, young and well-balanced and for me the perfect wine for a light summer dinner. The wine is kosher and great with fish, as well as salads, fruit, fresh cheeses and on its own. NIS 109. 

Available in Israel only at the Bana store chain.