The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots of the week.

Photo by David Olivestone (photo credit: Courtesy)
Photo by David Olivestone
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Send photos of what you saw or did this week to with your name and where the picture was taken. Feel free to add additional related info about the photo and/or suggest a caption.
CAUTIONARY TALE: A child of six stuck a hose/ Right over the bridge of his nose. A powerful squirt/ Drenched his head and his shirt... He got soaked from his head to his toes. (Deborah Strauss)

PRAYGROUND PROTOCOL: Sometimes you have to swing/ seesaw/ climb/ slide with the times to adhere to social distancing regulations. (David Olivestone)
STEP RIGHT UP: We stare at the Stairway to Heaven at Beit Lid memorializing the 21 Israelis killed in the double terrorist bombing there in January 1995. (Bernard Olsburgh)
THE EARLY bird catches the worm. Later birds, however, enjoy much tastier meals left by guests on hotel balconies. (Miriam Marcus)
RISK TAKING: If you want to live dangerously by skating on thin ice but it is the end of a hot July, try doing a handstand while wearing heavy skates. It’s wheely difficult. (Stuart Gherman)