The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots of the week.

 (photo credit: DEBORAH STRAUSS)
(photo credit: DEBORAH STRAUSS)
  Send photos of what you saw or did this week to with your name and where the picture was taken. Feel free to add additional related info about the photo and/or suggest a caption.

TRYOUTS FOR the role of Hedwig in the new Harry Potter film open next week. It would be wise to give a hoot and bring your owl – like this one from Kibbutz Geva. (Deborah Strauss)
FLAT TIRE in the trunk: The enterprising zoo elephants have opened a puncture-repair business to supplement income during the tourist-poor pandemic.  (Stuart Gherman)

THE WORLD according to Harp: If you want to look sharp, sit on a tarp and play a harp (but not while eating a carp) near Jaffa Gate. (Sandra Prais)

IF YOU wish to see fish – and not just on a dish – then swish on over to the astonishing Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem. (Ruth Scheuler)
FOR THE BIRDS: This columbarium at the Herodion was utilized two millennia ago to breed pigeons as a food source and for their droppings, which could be used as fertilizer. (Barbara Zaffran)