The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots of the week.

 (photo credit: KAREN FELDMAN)
(photo credit: KAREN FELDMAN)
Send photos of what you saw or did this week to [email protected] with your name and where the picture was taken. Feel free to add additional related info about the photo and/or suggest a caption.
THE COAST IS CLEAR: If you visit Rosh Hanikra, be(ach) shore to look south at the coast about which most of us boast. (Harry Brown)
KIDS ARE done having fun. Traffic signs, stop lights, speed bumps and radar are being installed in playgrounds to moderate merriment and train our toddlers to obey regulations. Violators will be fined. (Yosef Symonds)
COLOR COORDINATION: If you shop for a mop, it’s not over the top to match your hair if you dare – although people may stare. Would you care? (Leah Yerushalmi)
MADE IN THE SHADE: In one bright sunlit moment on Agrippas Street in Jerusalem, the Holiday of Lights was briefly cast as the Holiday of Shadows. (Linda Marcus)
(Right) COY BOY: This coypu – a large, herbivorous semi-aquatic rodent – was spotted wading in the water at the Hula Nature Reserve.
(Karen Feldman)