Three-day gratitude journey returns to combat coronavirus blues

Days of Gratitude, a subscriber service, provides three days of gratitude practicing activities every month, to "ground us in the moments that matter."

Noticing the Unnoticed banner, Days of Gratitude.  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Noticing the Unnoticed banner, Days of Gratitude.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
To combat the coronavirus blues, gratitude-centered subscriber service Days of Gratitude is back for another six-month round, just in time for Thanksgiving. It will begin in Hanukkah and culminate in Shavuot.
For subscribers, three days out of every month are dedicated to "activities, prompts, and inspiration" centered on a gratitude experience, according to a press release. The service is free and open to all. For December, the theme is 'Start to Notice,' and will be from Sunday, December 13 to Tuesday, December 15.
The goal of the project is "to ground us in the moments that matter, help us count our blessings, and bless what really counts."
Days of Gratitude was first launched and celebrated in May 2020, participated by 3,500 subscribers. According to their website, "Acts and expressions of gratitude reached more than 34,000 people."
The project was pioneered by the Beit Prat Midrasha, a network of Batei Midrash managed by Israeli young adults working to spread "Jewish learning, activism, and community building" across the religious spectrum of denominations, according to their website. It is currently backed by M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, an organization that promotes Jewish educators.
The conclusion of Days of Gratitude 2.0 will be celebrated with a seven-day event, leading up to Shavuot.
More details on the curriculum can be found here. Subscribe here.