'Mental health pandemic': A coronavirus side effect

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Are depression, stress and an expected rise in suicides more severe than the COVID-19 disease?

Blunder of binary thinking: How can humans be both happy and despondent?

The brain, with its 86 billion neurons, ‘may operate on an amazingly simple mathematical logic.’

Coronavirus: Social distancing linked to psychiatric disorders in seniors

The study, published in the American Journal of Geriatic Psychiatry, linked social distancing and isolation with elevated anxiety, depression and even trauma in older adults.

A woman wearing a mask looks on at a terminal at Ben Gurion International airport in Lod, near Tel A
Coronavirus Anxiety: How to keep mentally healthy during COVID-19

It's easy to get caught up in the massive media exposure, and forget about how this, as well as how you as an adult are coping, impacts other members of the family - most notably, your children.

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