Top musical stars to pull an all-nighter in the Knesset

Next month, the Knesset will host two “White Nights,” all-night parties, with musical artists for fans of all ages and genres like Sarit Hadad, Asaf Amdurski, and Hadag Nahash.

Sarit Hadad at the UN  (photo credit: MARK VON HOLDEN)
Sarit Hadad at the UN
(photo credit: MARK VON HOLDEN)
All-nighters in the Knesset usually involve something political and urgent, like voting on the state budget. But now the legislature has found a new activity for the wee hours of the morning: concerts and dancing in honor of the Knesset and Israel’s 70th year.
Next month, the Knesset will host two “White Nights” – all-night parties for fans of all ages and genres, with musical artists like Sarit Hadad, Static and Ben-El Tavori, Asaf Amdurski, Hadag Nahash, Ilanit, Gali Atari, and more.
The festivities will also include a headphones party, in which revelers wear wireless headphones and listen to the same music at the same time, so they can dance without the music disturbing their neighbors.
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said that “the Knesset’s 70th [anniversary] celebrations are an excellent opportunity to open our legislature to the people of Israel. The Knesset doesn’t belong to elected officials; it belongs to the voters.
“The ‘White Nights’ event in the Knesset will bring together different parts of Israeli society, which are represented in the Knesset. We will celebrate 70 years of flourishing democracy in the Knesset, together in our capital, Jerusalem,” he said.
The event was planned in cooperation with the Social Equality and the Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage ministries.
Jerusalem Minister Ze’ev Elkin said he’s pleased to take part in an event that will attract people, young and old, to Jerusalem.
Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel said the Knesset is a dream come true for the Jewish people, who wanted their own sovereign state during their 2000 years of exile.
“After 70 years, we can look back with pride and say that we built a glorious state, with an accepting discourse and place for a wide variety of colors, genders, stances, opinions and backgrounds,” Gamliel said, adding that the event “elevates all that unites us in Israel: the Knesset in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and social equality for all.”