Top ten gifts from Israel for lovers

Want to surprise the person you love this winter? Check out our top ten gift picks from Israel! Whatever the occasion, these gorgeous gifts will show your love in the most beautiful way.

A selection of Israel-Made gifts to offer loved ones this winter (photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
A selection of Israel-Made gifts to offer loved ones this winter
(photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
It’s always the right time to tell your special someone that you love them, but sometimes, it’s hard to know how. That’s why we’ve picked out this winter’s top ten gifts for lovers: ranging from Jewish jewelry to kosher food and Israeli art, these gifts are all beautiful, symbolic, and Israel!
#1 – Gold Plated Infinity Name Necklace for Couples
This gorgeous infinity necklace features a wide central band with space for both your names in either English or Hebrew. The swirling infinity motif ends with a classic love heart, making this beautiful necklace irrefutably romantic! And don’t miss these other amazing name necklaces for couples – they’re the perfect way to keep your loved one close, always.
RRP: $99
Your Price: $69.99
#2 – De Karina Handmade Chocolate Pralines
When you love them and they love chocolate, these gourmet pralines will be the sweetest surprise! Handmade in Israel by Karina, a third-generation chocolatier, this mouth-watering selection includes eight tantalizing flavours wrapped in luxurious, rich chocolate.
RRP: $34
Your Price: $21.99
#3 – Gold and Silver Spinning Ring – My Soul Loves
This magnificent gold and silver ring means your special man can carry a symbol of your love with him wherever he goes. The textured silver ring has gold highlights around its top and bottom and features a heart-warming Hebrew quote from Song of Songs: matzati et she’ahava nafshi – I found the one whom my soul loves.
RRP: $270
Your Price: $180
#4 – Marina Jewelry Blue Opal Heart Charm
Glittering opal stones are popular in Israeli jewellery and this shimmering heart charm is a stylish yet simple way to wear it. Designed to fit on snake chain charm bracelets from the leading retailers, thiswill make a meaningful gift the person you love can keep with them, always.
RRP: $54
Your Price: $35.99
#5 – Galilee’s Red Wine and Olive Oil Boutique Gift Box
If your special someone loves the finer things in life, this exclusive boutique gift box will make an extraordinary gift they’re bound to remember! Based in the north of Israel, Galilee’s delectable products are made from the finest natural ingredients and offer unparalleled decadence and flavour. Cook with Israel’s finest cold-pressed olive oil and enjoy your meal with a glass of rich Merlot… yum!
RRP: $80
Your Price: $59.99
#6 – Sterling Silver and Pearl Eshet Chayil Eternity Necklace
If the woman you love is the best of them all, this stunning silver necklace will make her swoon! The distorted infinity features a glowing white pearl and is engraved with a quote from Solomon’s renowned proverb, Eshet Chayil. It reads: rabot banot asu chayl ve’at alit al kulana – many women have achieved greatness, but you have surpassed them all.
RRP: $90
Your Price: $59.99
#7 – Barbara Shaw Definition of Love Cushion
Get set for a cosy night in with your favorite person with this big, fluffy throw pillow from Barbara Shaw. Colorful and quirky, it will make your house feel like a home and provide the perfect backdrop to a snugly night at home.
RRP: $87
Your Price: $57.99
#8 – Israel Museum Silver and Leather Ahava Bracelet
Wear the Israel Museum’s most famous icon and carry your loved one with you wherever you go with this fantastic leather and silver bracelet! Ideal for him or her, the simple leather strands are knotted around a gleaming silver Hebrew replica of the famous Israel Museum love statue by Robert Indiana.
RRP: $80
Your Price: $59.99
#9 – David Gerstein Hamsa and Butterflies Signed Sculpture
If romance isn’t your thing, keep it cultural with this amazing signed sculpture by David Gerstein. It features a vibrant Hamsa, bright flowers, and kaleidoscopic butterflies in Gerstein’s iconic style, and will add a vivid burst of colour to any room in your home. Beautiful and bright, this work of art screams love – minus effusive hearts.
RRP: $149
Your Price: $99
#10 – AHAVA Cactus and Pink Pepper Luxury Gift Set
Treat your loved one to heavenly-scented indulgence with this luxury Dead Sea cosmetics gift set from internationally renowned skincare providers, AHAVA. These divine products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals and nourishing natural extracts, guaranteed to leave them looking and feeling better than ever.