Two detained after dolls encased with bullets, drugs found at Ben-Gurion Airport

Officers seize bullets and narcotics hidden in toys found in carry-on luggage and suitcase belonging to Israeli man, Uzbek woman flying to Uzbekistan

Weapons-laden doll found at Ben-Gurion Airport. (photo credit: ISRAEL AIRPORTS AUTHORITY)
Weapons-laden doll found at Ben-Gurion Airport.
An Israeli man and an Uzbek woman were detained for attempted smuggling after security officials at Ben-Gurion Airport found bullets and drugs encased in toys found in a carry-on bag and luggage prior to boarding a flight to Uzbekistan on Monday.
According to police, the unidentified 36-year-old man attempted to bring a doll stuffed with bullets and narcotics in his bag for Air Uzbekistan flight 302, scheduled to depart at 2 p.m. Upon discovering the doll’s contents, the man fled, police said, but was apprehended by guards within minutes.
During questioning he said he was unaware of the contraband and claimed that he was carrying the doll as a favor to a female passenger he had never met before, who told him she reached the weight limit for her luggage.
A subsequent re-examination of all the luggage for the flight uncovered weapons and narcotics hidden in toys and dolls in the suitcase of a female Uzbekistan national, whom the suspect identified as the woman who gave him the doll, police said.
The flight was delayed as both suspects were held for further questioning at the airport’s police headquarters.
During an interview with Channel 2 shortly after the discovery, the airport’s head of security, Zohar Geffen, said more stringent measures were put in place throughout the facility.
“As a result of us locating the weapons, we immediately applied rigorous security procedures at Ben-Gurion Airport,” Geffen said. “We found weapons and drugs, and we are doing everything we can in order to complete the search and get the plane safely off the ground and out of the airport.”
Both suspects are expected to be charged with weapons and drug smuggling, police said.