U.S. Department of Defense eyeing Israeli suicide drone

Produced by UVision, the Hero-120 has a range of 40km and can carry a 3.5kg warhead

UVision's Hero-120 loitering munition (photo credit: UVISION)
UVision's Hero-120 loitering munition
(photo credit: UVISION)
The US Defense Department is eyeing the Israeli-made Hero-120 loitering munition for American special operations.
According to Inside Defense, the Defense Department is seeking permission from Congress for $6.9 million to “immediately procure” an undisclosed number of the canister-launched tactical anti-structure/anti-armor loitering munition produced by UVision.
Last year, the Marine Corps’ Rapid Capabilities Office with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory was reported by Defense News to have submitted a request for information for an “organic precision fires” system which is capable of providing “fire support at distances of 40-60 km.” and be used against stationary, mobile land or sea targets in all operating environments.
Promoted by the company as being “ideal for anti-tank missions,” the 12.5 kg. Hero-120 carries a 3.5 kg. warhead and has an extended flight time of 60 minutes.
Designed to be deployed from land, naval or airborne platforms from a reusable canister, it has a BLOS (beyond line of site) capability, able to strike targets 40 km. away from the launch site.
The mid-size loitering munition, with its high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering capabilities as well as its precision (circular error probable of <1 m.) give its operators a critical advantage in confined or urban battlefields.
The Hero-120 can carry different warheads, from 1.5 kg. to 4.5 kg., which can also feature air-burst fragmentation for anti-personnel effect, point detonation for targets such as vehicles or infrastructure, a proximity mode for windows and doors and a High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) option that can allow operators to strike armored personnel carriers or main battle tanks.
Able to reach altitudes of 1,500 feet, the Hero-120 is equipped with GPS/INS navigation as well as electro-optical/infrared reconnaissance and a terminal guidance package. With a two-way data link, the munition, which can dive to its target at 100 knots, can also be fully aborted and re-engaged mid-air.
According to reports UVision has already sold Hero loitering munitions to multiple customers, including the IDF and leading NATO countries.
Another loitering munition produced by UVision, its Hero-400EC, has a range of 100 km., an additional loitering time of 30 minutes and can carry a 22 pound warhead.
Able to fly at 18,000 feet at a speed of 50-100 knots, operators can use a directional antenna and extend its BLOS range of 40 km. to a range of 150 km.