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Hezbollah: Israeli drones were carrying explosives for attack

A security source reported on Monday night that due to the apparent drone attacks, Hezbollah would try to hit a military target in the Galilee.

Parts of a drone which fell on Beirut on August 25, 2019.
Explosive-laden drones targeted precision missile tech in Beirut - report

Group says drone had 5.5 kilo of C4 explosives; Hezbollah militants killed in Israeli strike on Syria were childhood friends.

U.S. Department of Defense eyeing Israeli suicide drone

Produced by UVision, the Hero-120 has a range of 40km and can carry a 3.5kg warhead

First drone
Editor's Notes: The birth of the drone

The first flight took place on July 7, 1969 – 50 years ago next Sunday. The target was a row of Egyptian military positions located near Ismailia.

Iran shot down American drone to showcase its air defense - analysis

It is a “$200 million giant,” the IRGC says, of the drone they brought down.

Israeli drone can pick your fruit for you

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, founded in 2016, last year finished the working prototype of the drone.

'Post' joins the elite Skylark drone operators for a nighttime exercise

It’s one of those rare cold nights in Israel when you can see your own breath...

The Orbiter 1K drone.
Israeli defense company Aeronautics seals $13m. drone deal with Azerbaijan

Israel's defense ministry reinstated the company’s export licenses two weeks ago.

The Orbiter 1K drone.
Defense company Aeronautics gets export license to key customer reinstated

The Defense Ministry suspended the export license of company's suicide drone to Azerbaijan in 2017.

Israel Aerospace Industry's Heron TP drone
German Air Force pilots arrive in Israel to train on drones

A total of 70 Germans will train on the Heron TP over the course of two years before being deployed to Mali.

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