Vaccination project underway for 100,000 Holocaust survivors

The Claims Conference has invested 5 million NIS into an initiative to transport 100,000 housebound Holocaust survivors to and from vaccination centers for the third coronavirus vaccine.

 Eli Bir Yaron Markus Shlomo Gur and Dov Maizel (photo credit: Yechiel Gurfein - United Hatzalah)
Eli Bir Yaron Markus Shlomo Gur and Dov Maizel
(photo credit: Yechiel Gurfein - United Hatzalah)

Efforts are underway for 100,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel to receive third vaccinations (boosters) against the coronavirus starting Tuesday, with special accommodations being made for housebound individuals who have difficulty independently reaching vaccination centers. 

The initiative to vaccinate Holocaust survivors is a joint effort between the Claims Conference in Israel and United Hatzalah.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, survivors will be contacted to offer the service, and from Wednesday, United Hatzalah staff will start bringing individuals to the vaccination center.

Vice-President of the Claims Conference, Shlomo Gur, said the organization personally addressed more than 100,000 survivors through letters, as well as advertisements in Hebrew and Russian press, "offering all Holocaust survivors in Israel a shuttle service and escort to the vaccination centers to receive the third vaccine against the corona."

The CEO of United Hatzalah, Eli Polak, said volunteers will arrive in ambulances and emergency vehicles to the homes of survivors, and drive them to the vaccination centers for their third vaccine.

The President of United Hatzalah, Eli Beer, added that "It is a mission that we are proud to undertake."

"This operation was carried out in collaboration with the United Hatzalah organization, which established a dedicated center for this purpose. After two challenging years for the public in general and Holocaust survivors in particular, the importance of returning to a safe and protected life routine, which allows for social encounters and treatments without fear, is of paramount importance to us," said Gur.

 Shlomo Gur (credit: Yechiel Gurfein - United Hatzalah) Shlomo Gur (credit: Yechiel Gurfein - United Hatzalah)

The Claims Conference has donated approximately 5 million NIS to fund the project.

It follows a similar initiative earlier in 2021, which provided aid for survivors to receive their first and second vaccines, this time the service has been extended to over 100,000 survivors.