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Jerusalem Old City merchants: Coronavirus restrictions are ruining us

“Because of the coronavirus epidemic, I have had to close my coffee shop for long periods several times. That has killed our business: It’s total devastation,” said café owner Izzat Rajaby.

Memorial for those who fell in the Yom Kippur War, 2020
Netanyahu: Preemptive strike against Iran still an option

Gantz on coronavirus: "We didn't respond as was fit, but we will succeed this time as well."

Knesset to burn midnight oil on limiting demonstrations

Three detained, including general, at violent protests

Israelis who fell sick with COVID-19 twice: Second time was worse

"I feel like a leper," said one repeat victim, who was first infected in June. "They put it into our heads... that we were immune for at least three months and that we were developing antibodies."

Whale shark swimming in Eilat
Hundreds of thousands of sharks may be killed for coronavirus vaccines

It takes about 3,000 sharks to produce one ton of squalene.

Police disperse mass celebration of Vizhnitz Hassidim after Yom Kippur

The Grand Rabbi of the Viznitz hassidic community Rabbi Yisrael Hager held a celebratory ‘tisch’ gathering attended by hundreds of hassidim in Bnei Brak.

Coronavirus: Global death toll passes 1 million – tally

The United States, Brazil and India account for nearly 45% of all COVID-19 deaths globally, with the Latin American region alone responsible for more than a third of them.

1 in 3 Americans won't vaccinate their children against the flu

What is even more worrying is that two-thirds of parents don’t thing that getting their kids vaccinated against the flu is more pressing this year.

Israel-based WishTrip makes smartphone game builder for tourist sites

Developing interactive games for guests is an easy and affordable means of boosting engagement, particularly with the tourism industry struggling to recover.

New York's new coronavirus cases begin to rise

"It's basically Brooklyn, Orange and Rockland that are increasing this number," Gov. Andrew Cuomo explained.

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