Watch: Israeli security removes Palestinian flag from atop Temple Mount

Thousands of Palestinians flocked to the compound on Thursday after controversial metal detectors and security cameras at the site were removed.

Israeli security forces remove Palestinian flag from the Temple Mount (Credit: Yeshivat HaKotel)
As part of their massive return to the Temple Mount on Thursday, worshipers put up a Palestinian flag atop the roof of one of the buildings on the Temple Mount.
The flag was removed by soldiers, as can be seen in the video.
Below, crowds can be seen rushing around the open esplanade of the compound. Clashes broke out as thousands of Palestinians returned to the compound after refusing to enter it for nearly a week. According to the Red Crescent, dozens have been injured, though no fatalities have been reported.
Muslim worshipers, urged by their leaders, had refused to enter the compound after Israel had installed metal detectors at the site following the murder of two Israeli policeman by Arab-Israeli assailants nearly two weeks ago. The move to install the metal detectors inflamed tensions in Jerusalem, where riots broke out almost daily, as well as throughout the Middle East and the globe.
The Israeli Security Cabinet decided to dismantle the detectors, as well as the cameras it had placed there, late Wednesday night. Palestinians flocked to the site almost immediately after the decision was announced to celebrate it.