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Ben-Gvir goes too far in banning Palestinian flags - editorial

The issue of the Palestinian flag is a kind of litmus test for the new Netanyahu government, and ultimately should be ruled on by the prime minister himself.

Itamar Ben-Gvir outlaws Palestinian flags in public spaces

PM Netanyahu earlier accused anti-government demonstrators of incitement, taking issue with the flying of Palestinian flags.

Most Israelis think Israeli Arabs can't have solidarity with Palestinians - ADL

The same number of people also said that flying the Palestinian flag in Israel should be illegal, an ADL survey said.

Banning Palestinian flags won't make Palestinians go away - opinion

The flag is not the issue; it is only a symbol. But it is a symbol that represents a story, a history, an identity and an aspiration.


Palestinian, Israeli flags raised in Ramat Gan: 'We're meant to live together'

A bill to ban the display of the Palestinian flag at institutions funded by the state was passed later on Wednesday.

Israel shouldn't ban the Palestinian flag - editorial

A strong, confident country is not spooked or unnerved by someone else’s flag. Israel’s sovereignty is not at risk because of some Palestinian flags.

Right-wing ministers trying to topple gov't, says Meretz MK

The comment, by MK Mossi Raz, came after coalition MKs were given unusual permission to vote as they see fit on a law that would prohibit waving a Palestinian flag on university campuses.

The Nakba, the flag and responsibility - opinion

I have experienced first-hand the rage of the Israel Police to the site of the Palestinian flag at demonstrations in which I have participated in Sheikh Jarrah.

Bar-Ilan University allows only Israeli flags to be hung in dorms

The ban on flags by Electra is still in place, just not for Israeli flags • Nesya Liberman: "The general ban on flags violates freedom of expression and should never have been instituted"

A PROJECTION of the Eurovision stage that is currently under construction

Singer who performed at anti-Zionist event wants to represent Israel for Eurovision

Linet received harsh criticism from Israeli audiences as a result of this information.

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