Watch: Elite commandos from Israeli special ops unit team up with US Navy Seals

Last week's exercise was aimed at building cooperation between the special forces of the two allies.

Israel's "Shayetet 13" elite navy commando unit trains with the US Navy Seals (Credit: IDF)
Soldiers from the Israeli Navy’s Shayetet 13 commando unit joined with US Navy SEALs – “Sea, Air, and Land” units – last week in the latest joint exercise between the allies.
The exercise was designed to build operational capabilities of special forces in the IDF and those in the militaries of its allies such as the United States; transfer joint knowledge between fleets; and strengthen common language and operational cooperation in the field, according to an IDF statement.
The Sa’ar 5-class missile ship INS Eilat took part in the drill along with special warfare vessels and other Israel Navy craft. Sailors practiced parachuting over the sea, carrying out a nighttime raid on a ship and rescuing hostages in enclosed areas.
Following the drill, head of Operations of the Israel Navy R.-Adm. Ido Ben-Moshe said, “Cooperation between the two fleets is reflected in annual drills, reciprocal visits and operational mutuality. During the joint exercises, professional relations are created that contribute to both sides on the strategic level.”
IDF special forces held a joint military exercise last year in the Negev Desert with US Marines, in part to coordinate techniques for combating terrorist activities.
The drill – dubbed “Noble Shirley” – involved special units from the Israel Air Force, Navy and ground forces. In that exercise, troops practiced simulated helicopter landings behind enemy lines; urban warfare above and below ground; close-range combat; and military takeover techniques. They also concentrated on medical response to injured troops in hostile territory and coordination of US and Israeli medical networks.