Watch: West Bank thieves steal car while owner fills tires with air

Security camera footage shows thieves steal car with 8-year-old son of owner inside; perpetrators drop boy off before escaping to Kalkilya.

Car stolen while owner fills tires with air
Brazen thieves stole a man's car almost literally right out from under him in the West Bank settlement of Karnei Shomron. Police Tuesday released security camera footage of the incident which took place over the weekend.
A local resident of Karnei Shomron had stopped to fill up the air in his tires at a gas station, leaving his car running. While he kneeled down to attend to his tires, a second vehicle pulled up. A man jumped out of the back seat, entering the idle car and taking off.
The victim of the theft gave chase after both vehicles, nearly catching the second, before falling to the ground. The man's desperation was amplified by the fact that his eight-year-old son was in the stolen car.
The thieves dropped the boy off before driving the car into Palestinian territory. Police later located the vehicle in Kalkilya, however the thieves remain at large.