One dead, several injured amid slippery roads and stormy weather

After months of clear skies and warm weather, Israel is seeing some rain - but that comes with concerns for people's safety.

A surfer catches waves as it rains along Israel's coast, Kiryat Yam, November 2021.

After a long and warm summer and pleasant weather that stretched into the Autumn, Israel is seeing some rain.

The Israel Meteorological Service said that the weekend would be filled with rain and thunderstorms throughout the entire country. 

The service warned about the potential flooding along Israel's coasts throughout the weekend, as well as in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

Rains are expected to continue into the beginning of next week, with flooding risks reported around the southern and eastern rivers on Sunday.

Israel has been seeing a lot of clear skies and heat for the past few weeks, but now it has taken a dip. Flash floods were reported on Friday and throughout Saturday morning throughout the country.

The weather is reason for extra care, as the earlier rains of the year create slippery roads. On Saturday morning, two men in their 20s were severely injured after their motorcycle slipped along the highway near Jerusalem. One of them died from his wounds and the other was evacuated to the hospital.

Later that day, a man in his mid-80s received life-saving treatment from medics after he seemingly slipped and fell into a puddle. He was found unconscious and without a pulse, approximately half an hour after falling, but after having received first aid, he was evacuated to the hospital with a restored pulse.

The first rain of the season touched down in late September with a light drizzle in Israel's north.