Would-be Jew killer hit with lawsuit to have her medical license revoked

Lara Kollab was expelled from her residency at Cleveland Internal Medicine after she tweeted she would give Jewish patients the wrong treatment to kill them.

ARE WE doing enough to confront antisemitism? (photo credit: REUTERS)
ARE WE doing enough to confront antisemitism?
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Jewish-American advocacy group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations [PJTN] filed a complaint with the state of Ohio Medical Board insisting the medical license of Dr. Lara Kollab after it was revealed she tweeted she would provide Jewish patients under her care with the wrong type of drugs
“People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders,” 27 year old Kollab tweeted.
The tweets had been removed, but the Cleveland Clinic fired her and she was condemned by her Alma-matar,  the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York Reinery 29 reported.
President of PJTN Laurie Cardoza-Moore said that "our demands are grounded in the doctor’s intentional willingness to engage in malpractice, as well as a breach of the Hippocratic Oath and osteopathic ethics, a breach so grievous and un-redeemable as to disqualify her from continuing to hold a license to practice her profession.”