17 Golani soldiers leave base in north

Colonel: The army has to address the issue of discipline and seniority.

idf 88 (photo credit: )
idf 88
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Colonel Tamir Yadai has been assigned to investigate the 'mutiny' of 17 Golani soldiers who left their base near Lebanon following ongoing tensions resulting from Yadai's decision to cancel unofficial privileges enjoyed up to now by the more senior soldiers, requiring them to fulfill the same tasks traditionally assigned to newer recruits, including missions, guard duty, and cleaning shifts. Other Golani traditions that emphasized the difference in "time-in" were also eliminated by Yadai.
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Yadai told Army Radio on Monday that the incident had "got out of hand." However, Yadai stressed that the soldiers' concern was common among IDF troops. "This isn't something that only Golani soldiers have to deal with," Yadai said. "I think that the army has to address the issue of discipline and the question of seniority among soldiers." The 17 soldiers were apprehended by their commanders in Kiryat Shmona following a pursuit through the city's streets. The soldiers had been ordered to indentify the person or persons who dumped shampoo on the sleeping bags of some of the base's newer hesder yeshiva recruits.