250-kg training bomb found in Hadera

A 250-kilogram training bomb was found on Tuesday afternoon in Hadera less than 100 meters from residential buildings in the city's Hefziba neighborhood. Police officers arrived at the scene after receiving a report of metal thieves, only to discover the charge. Police sappers determined that it was an IDF bomb and called in the army's elite bomb removing squad, which later performed a controlled detonation of the charge. "The bomb was manufactured about 30 years ago. It contained sand and metal and luckily no explosives," said Hadera police chief, Dep.-Cmdr. Boaz Goldberg. Asked how it got there, Goldberg replied, "The sky is the limit. It could have been moved by bulldozers that were engaged in sand removal, or by metal thieves who decided to dispose of it. It may have also been mistakenly dropped by an IAF jet."