300 protest Gaza incursion outside PM's home

Some 300 left-wing protestors rallied Saturday night outside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert s Jerusalem residence against the army s incursion into Gaza and in favor of negotiations for the release of kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit. The demonstrators brandished signs reading "exchange prisoners now!" and "Stop, war crimes ahead!" The Yesh Gvul movement, which organized the protest, asserted in an official pamphlet that "The prime minister ought to recognize the fact that reoccupying the Gaza strip will not free captured soldiers". When asked whether freeing Palestinian prisoners would not increase the motivation of the Palestinian organizations to kidnap more soldiers and citizens, a Yesh Gvul spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that many of the prisoners are "POWs and not terrorists" and that "releasing captured Palestinians is only one necessary step, which should be carried out together with negotiations and ending the occupation".