5 fugitives arrested in Nablus area

Six Kassams fired from Gaza; IDF artillery shelling launch sites.

balata shooting 298,88 (photo credit: AP)
balata shooting 298,88
(photo credit: AP)
During an IDF operation in Nablus Friday night, a Palestinian man was killed when he tried to throw a Molotov cocktail at IDF forces. Palestinian sources claim he was only throwing stones, according to Israel Radio. In a separate incident, a Palestinian was wounded when IDF forces shot at him after he threw an explosive device at the soldiers. Earlier Friday, the Duvdevan special operations unit arrested a fugitive in the Rafidiyeh neighborhood of Nablus. During the course of the arrest an explosive device was thrown at the soldiers. No one was injured. Earlier Friday, four Palestinians were wounded in an exchange of fire with IDF troops during an arrest operation in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus. None of the soldiers were wounded in the incident, and two of the Palestinians were arrested, Israel Radio reported. Meanwhile, border police found a 40-centimeter knife and an axe in a Palestinian car northeast of Bethlehem. The driver of the vehicle was detained by security forces for interrogation. Six Kassam rockets were launched at Israel on Friday from the northern Gaza Strip towards the western Negev. Two landed in the sea, while four landed in open territory. No one was wounded and no damage was reported. The IDF has kept up an artillery barrage on launch sites in response to the rocket fire. On Thursday night, two Palestinians, one carrying a firearm, were shot at by soldiers at an IDF checkpoint near Nablus. The unarmed man was killed in the incident, while the other escaped. An IDF source said that the two began to flee when they saw IDF soldiers, who then called on the Palestinians to stop. "The Palestinians stopped and turned around. Troops noticed one of them trying to draw a weapon and shot him," the source said. "The other Palestinian escaped."